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“Playfulness is so important – I think I am like a cat. Cats are always wondering. If you throw a paper ball to a cat, it can play for a whole day…. Life is a serious matter, but also ironic. When marble was used in the past, it had a monumental or memorialising status. Toilet paper disappeared from the shelves during the pandemic. This is a society in which we can send a shuttle into outer space yet cannot solve a humble problem – the moment deserved to be remembered.”

Ai Weiwei has launched a social media campaign in defence of freedom of press following the news of a recent high court ruling that overturned an earlier decision and judged in favor of allowing julian assange to be extradited to the US.

“The installment also includes marble and jade sculptures such as Marble Helmet (2015) and Marble Takeout Box (2015) along with the ceramic work He Xie (2011) which commemorates the feast hosted by Ai Weiwei amid the demolition of his Shanghai studio by the Chinese authorities in 2010.”

“Meanwhile, a series of white marble sculptures have also been a highlight. The Marble Takeout Container (2015) symbolises modern life, while the two rolls of Marble Toilet Paper (2020) reflect how our lives have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which at one point made toilet paper become a valuable item.”

“In a moment when I had nothing to do, I was walking around the green spaces in Cambridge and  I found an old tree trunk, so I told my son to put it on the back of his bicycle and take it home. He had no clue what I wanted to do with it. I used the middle part with no cracks and I worked with him using very limited tools, so we barely made a roll of this kind of toilet paper (laughs). You know this is the most

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